How to Start and Stick with an at Home Meditation Practice Part 2

Getting started can be the hardest part but once you do, how do you keep it consistent? Our brains resist change and its so easy to f all into old habits and a litany of excuses. “I’m too tired,” “I don’t’ feel like it” or “I don’t have time for meditation.” These all can derail you from adding in any healthy habit and sticking to it. We often get in our own way and then give up way too quickly! You can start by creating “reframes’ for your common excuses. Some reframes for the mentioned excuses might be “I may be tired but this is important to me.” Or “I don’t’ feel like it but I’m going to do it anyway” or “ I have time and am making it priority.” Remember your thoughts impact how you feel and your behavior. Do you see how creating these reframes can change the overall energy of emotion for this?

Here are some additional ways to stay consistent:

1. Do it at the same time each day, this helps create a habit! If you constantly change the time it will make it harder to stick with it. Or if you don’t pick a time of day and just have the intention that you want to start then you may never get to it either.

2. If you are not feeling motivated to do it, tell yourself you will only do one minute today. Often when you start with one minute that will lead to more but if it doesn’t? That’s ok too. 1 minute is better than none!

3. Find a time that is associated with something you are already doing in your routine, like after you brush your teeth or with your morning coffee.

4. Find an accountability partner, someone who can do meditation with you (even long distance on the phone!) or someone who you can check in with each other to keep one another on track.

5. Be kind to yourself! If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Get back at it tomorrow

6. Experiment! IF you are finding a certain time of day not working for you try it other times of day. Maybe using an app isn’t working for you. That’s ok! Find a meditation group in the community to help keep you on track

7. Keep it interesting! Try different types of meditation and don’t stick with just one teacher if you are doing it guided. This will keep you engaged and help relieve boredom if you keep doing it the same way.

Meditation is another healthy habit that can help tremendously with emotional regulation. I have helped many clients get started with a meditation practice. If you are still struggling reach out today! Email me at

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