About Your Therapists

Meet Chris Mcdonald


Lets start with how I am different from typical therapists:

  • I am open to listening and supporting you with any holistic practices you engage in
  • I use a somatic approach and may offer movement, breath or meditation practices
  • I am open to discussing relationships with spirits, deities, angels or spirit guides without judgment
  • I am open and willing to learn about your spiritual practices, rituals or psychedelic experiences
  • I will be my authentic self and won’t act like I know it all (cause I don’t!)
  • I am here for all your deepest fears, successes, struggles and dark thoughts
  • I make space for your internal wisdom to shine through
  • I can help you with developing your intuition if that’s something that interests you
  • I am Tarot friendly in my approach
  • I will laugh with you and be silly sometimes
  • If you want to start each session with a ritual, we can both light a candle, use essential oils, meditation, intention, grounding or anything else. Its up to you to determine the pace and what would be helpful in your healing journey

Since you are here on my About Me page, I know you are looking for something different. You are looking for a way to find more control over your emotions and be able to open up more about your feelings. You are tired of worrying all the time and what you are doing to cope is not working. You still have that negative voice in your head that constantly criticizes you and you don’t know how to quiet it down. You want to feel more confident and happy but are unsure if that’s possible on your own. You’ve reached a breaking point and you feel ready to get help. You feel like you can’t go on feeling this way.

Growing up I felt a similar way. I had no one to talk too and felt isolated and alone in my concerns. My Counselors’ at school were unapproachable and didn’t seem interested in my problems. I had anxiety and kept this to myself since I didn’t have anyone who I could trust or open up with. This pushed me to want to be there for others and be a positive force to help others who are struggling. I wanted to give others what I never had, a place to be myself, a place to validate and someone to help me find my way through my troubles. I wanted to make sure others had someone they could count on and someone who could help them see their worth. I wanted to help others find direction and be able to shift from a life of suffering to one filled with hope, peace and confidence.

You are wondering where you want to go with your life and your past events are creeping up in your mind, no you no matter how much you try to push them down. Its never felt like the right time to talk about it. Until now. From my experience, people come to therapy wanting support, connection and someone genuinely interested in them. I’ve found clients want a place where they feel they have the space and safety to open up about anything thought, emotion or hardship they are facing. I see therapy as a process for discovering what you want out of your life, a way to find your strengths and a process to guide you towards transformation.

My clients often come to therapy asking questions like:

  • How can I find direction in my life?
  • How can get my anxiety under control?
  • How can I feel better about myself?
  • What can I do to improve my relationships?
  • What is my purpose?

I help by offering a supportive and engaged presence. A Genuine counseling approach that offers the results you are looking for and the relief you so desire. I can help you create a life filled with the joy, confidence and connection.

Lets Start Your Journey To Healing

Meet Regina Gould

My Story: I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and I would love to work with you. I graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education and a minor in Psychology. I earned a Master of Arts in Counseling from North Carolina Central University. I spent many years as a teacher and school counselor before deciding to work in private practice.

When you encounter inevitable obstacles in life, I believe all the answers are within you and they can be discovered through counseling. It is a process, not a quick fix, which emphasizes personal and social growth. We will work together to develop insight, make changes in thought patterns, and set realistic goals so that you will experience the benefits of that process. I have spent my career empowering children, adolescents, and adults to overcome a variety of personal obstacles such as self-esteem, ADHD, stress, anxiety or grief.

I came to understand the value and importance of counseling after my family endured a tragedy when I was a teen. I know from experience that it can offer a safe space to explore feelings and discuss life’s issues. I also know it can help with growth and healing. My empathy, ability to connect and non-judgmental approach combined with my education and experience allow me to work effectively with clients. My counseling approach is eclectic with more emphasis on Carl Rogers’ “Client Centered Therapy”, Aaron Beck’s “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” and William Glasser’s “Reality Therapy”. These are well established, researched, and respected therapies. The techniques implemented will be tailored for each individual but may include reflecting, reframing, summarizing, non-threatening questioning, journaling, role playing, and self-evaluating.

Counseling is a powerful tool that can improve mental and emotional health. I am committed to your overall well- being and it would be an honor to listen to what is important to you and work with you to gain knowledge or skills to help you on your journey through life.

Lets See If We Are A Good Fit!