Grief Counseling


Your world has turned upside down since the loss of your loved one. Nothing is the same and you feel lost and alone. You feel so tired and its hard to even get the simplest tasks done. Its hard for you to concentrate and you are not sure how to move on with your life without them. You just want to be alone and reminders of your loved one are everywhere causing you more pain. You’ve lost your appetite and are struggling to make decisions right now.

Many thoughts are running through your mind like:

  • “I should’ve done something to prevent this”
  • “What if I will always feel this way?”
  • “I don’t think I will ever get over this.”
  • “I feel like no one else understands.”
  • “Am I going crazy?”

Our Counselors help by first giving you the space to help you explore your feelings, explore the lost relationship and understand the process of grief. We can help you connect with your religious or spiritual beliefs to help further understand and process what has happened.  We can help you accept the reality of the loss, work through the pain of grief and adjust to life without the deceased.  We can help you find ways to cope and start to feel more like yourself again.

Grief can feel overwhelming and make it hard to see beyond it.  But you can move through it and find a way to a happier life while still embracing in your heart the memory of the loved one you have lost.

Help and hope are just an email away!